Starting a New Group 

Starting a New Group - Anyone Can Do It

There are two main reasons why a U3A member may wish to start a new group:

1) The group(s) that cater for your interest(s) is(are) full.
2) There is not a group that provides for your area of interest.

It is important to understand that in the U3A the leader of a group does not have to be an expert in their chosen field, an interest in a topic and enthusiasm are more important, the subject matter knowledge will come from the studies the members of the group undertake. The qualities needed to be a good group co-ordinator include; a genuine interest in the topic, the ability to organise, the ability to delegate, enthusiasm and an inquisitive nature.

If you wish to start a new group you should first contact the Group Facilitator, even if it is your intention to start the group on your own. The Group Facilitator will offer guidance and advice and will advertise your new group in the Newsletter. You too may announce your intention to start a new group via the Newsletter. Do not be put off, do it now.

When starting a new group bear the following in mind:

The U3A Model

All U3As work in the same way using the principals of 'Shared Delivery' i.e. all members of the group take some part in the presentation of the area of study and 'Participative Learning' i.e. we learn by taking part. All members can and should contribute in some way to the group activity. Members learn in a friendly and co-operative manner. The groups are non competitive, there are no awards, no certificates, no qualifications. We take part for enjoyment and personal fulfilment.


For more details go to the Co-ordinators Page.


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