Creative Writing 


Meeting Times and Locations

2nd Tuesday 2.00pm - 4.00pm, Loundsley Green


Creative Writing Group set a writing task each month, aiming for 1,000 words, based on genre, an object, a theme, title of a book, poem, picture or famous phrase. We read it to the group and the diversity of work produced is always amazing. 

We sometime set shorter tasks, plus we do '100 words', whereby each month a member writes 100 words then passes it on at the next meeting - imagination runs amok and the last one pulls it all together to write The End!

If you enjoy writing and feel you would benefit from the company of other pen/pencil pushers and keyboard tappers, we don't bite or chisel in stone, so come and join us, we'd love to meet you.


book cover

The Key of the Door.

Creative Writing Group 1 have published a small book of short stories to celebrate (somewhat belatedly) our U3A 21st birthday.

Each group member submitted a story with the title 'The key of the door' plus one other piece of their work.

It can be obtained (£3-50+pp) from the online publisher,

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