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The Wild Flower Group meets during the spring and summer (from mid-May to mid-September) on the second and fourth Fridays of the month.


Teasel: Photo: Mike Gregory

We aim to enjoy the wonderful wild flowers to be found in Derbyshire, not just to compile lists of what we see, but to rise to the challenge of trying to identify plants we have not come across before.

Our walks (or 'ambles' might be a better word to use!) are arranged so that we visit a varied selection of habitats and countryside throughout the season.

Locations close to Chesterfield are usually half-day trips; those which are further afield in the Peak District or elsewhere in Derbyshire last until mid-afternoon and we take a picnic lunch.

No previous knowledge is required - just a willingness to see and admire wild flowers in their natural settings. We are only a small group - the number of people on our outings has varied from four to eight people - new members are always welcome.

greater knapweed

Greater knapweed: Photo: Mike Gregory

Purple Loosestrife at Poolsbrook

Purple Loosestrife at Poolsbrook by Marion Yeldham 

We were able to identify most of the plants we saw with certainty, with a few requiring some research after the walk, but we get as much, if not more, pleasure from just seeing the flowers in their natural surroundings. Sometimes it is an individual flower which enthrals us, sometimes it is the mass of colour from a cluster of flowers.



More people have come on our walks this year than in previous years, which is very encouraging.

The highest number was 14 people on the Chesterfield Canal walk, with over half the walks achieving double-figure attendances - a level not previously recorded since I became the Group Co-ordinator.

Bee Orchid at Pleasley

Bee Orchid at Pleasley by Mary South


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