Political Ideas  


Meeting Times

First Tuesday in each month 1.30pm


The Chesterfield Ale House, West Bars.


We all pepper our conversations with words like Liberty and Human Rights, Left and Right but do we fully understand what they all mean and their implications on our lives?


This is not a Politics group - although we may all come with decided political standpoints we do our best to avoid degenerating into party political posturing.


We are working our way through a book called '50 Political Ideas'. These are the building blocks of politics rather than the policies of modern parties.

We do, of course, spill over into party politics but we try to keep to examples of the basic ideas. Nevertheless, it is clear we have a wide range of views. We have no lecturers. Members volunteer to prepare a topic each month.


We have vacancies. Contact:  Roger Watts 276161, roger@rwx2.co.uk



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