Meeting Times

Philosophy and the History of Science - 4th Tuesday, 2pm - monthly

Philosophy II - 2nd Wednesday, 2pm - monthly


Philosophy and the History of Science - Newbold

Philosophy II - Members' homes


Philosophy and the History of Science

We are now in our third successful year, and have up to twenty or so regular attendees from a membership of thirty-two. We meet in Newbold on the fourth Tuesday every month at 2.00 pm.
The content is a mixture of the two subjects of the heading; mixed as they are inextricably related. Detailed subjects range from the political philosophy of Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx and Lenin to the biographies of the likes of Newton and Einstein. We work from month to month with a discrete theme each month often led by a different member each time, so there might be some home work to do! By this means we make it possible to join at any time so that missing a meeting is not detrimental. Once a year we have a visiting speaker, we have recently welcomed Professor David Allen of Sheffield Hallam University to talk about 'Controversy in Science'.
We are full at present, a second group has started.

Philosophy II

A new group that first met in November 2010 and has meetings planned for the second Wednesday of each month at 2pm in members' houses. It is open for new members, the maximum size will be set by its members. It is important that each member will have time to contribute at each meeting.

We formed because the Philosophy and History of Science group is overflowing. We are not attaching any suffix to our title and as none of us are philosophers, the way is open for any contributions in this very wide field. I remind any reader that the original name for 'Science' was 'Natural Philosophy'. Names change; ideas change; but most of us are slow to change!

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