Meeting Times

Circle Dance -  Saturdays, 2.30pm - fortnightly

Contry/Folk Dancing - 4th Thursday, 7pm - monthly


Circle Dance - Birdholme Methodist

Country/Folk Dancing - The Ragged School


Circle Dance

Circle dance is an ancient tradition common to many cultures for marking special occasions, strengthening the community and encouraging togetherness.

Modern circle dance draws on the rich and diverse traditional dances of many countries including the Balkans, Greece, Israel, Russia and France. There is also a growing repertoire of new dances to classical music and contemporary songs.

No experience or partner is needed. Each dance is fully explained and demonstrated and can be modified to take account of any movement that is uncomfortable.

circle dance group

Country/Folk Dancing

This dance group is still going strong. We are a friendly group and always have a good fun time at our meetings.

Attendance is usually between ten and twenty members. Dances vary from very gentle to a bit livelier so suitable for the not so agile. Any one wishing to give it a try will be sure of a warm welcome.

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